Over the past four months ...

  • I’ve had the amazing opportunity to visit all of the 3rd district schools (Ginter Park Elementary, Holton Elementary, Stuart Elementary, Henderson Middle, Marshall High, Richmond Community High, Richmond Technical Center, REAL) as well as many others.

  • I’ve talked with parents, teachers, and concerned community members to understand the scope of the challenges we face. I have regularly visited civic association meetings, district meetings, non-profits and foundations to meet and learn from those working to make a difference in our community. 
  • I have been impressed, amazed, moved, burdened, heartbroken and compelled. There is immense work ahead of us and making progress will require bold action from our community and our elected officials.

Here are some specific initiatives I’m working on!

  1. Education Compact: The RVA Compact provides a framework for all of our elected officials to work together in a collaborative spirit to improve outcomes for our kids. I support the Education Compact and am an advocate for its adoption by School Board and City Council.
  2. Superintendent Search: It is important that RPS finds a superintendent who is committed to equity and academic achievement for all of our kids. We need a leader who will inspire and motivate our teachers and principals, and who will modernize RPS’s administration. 
  3. Technology Access: Adoption of Sprint 1Million Project, a program that will provide internet access and devices to kids in RPS to help bridge the technology divide that leaves too many of our children behind.
  4. Facilities and redistricting: Over the past ten years RPS has done study after study on our aging facilities and school zones that continue to divide our kids along racial and economic lines. We need a transparent, collaborative process that will promote equity and provide a positive setting for academic achievement for all of our children.